Zoom ® Teeth Whitening Offer

Zoom ® whitening now includes a free whitening Consultation, custom made whitening trays and a free take home top up !

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Zoom™ Whitening by Philips

Zoom!™ teeth whitening is the latest, most effective in-clinic teeth whitening procedure. With Zoom, patients see results immediately.

This tooth whitening treatment begins with a short preparation to cover your lips and gums, leaving only your teeth exposed.

Your dentist will then apply Zoom™ whitening gel to your teeth. This is applied to the surface enamel of the tooth and is then heated under the special Zoom™ lamp.

The active ingredient in the Zoom Advanced Power™ whitening gel is hydrogen peroxide which works to quickly provide the desired tooth whitening results.

The lamp activates the gel, helping to penetrate the enamel and bleaching away any discolouration without changing the structure of the teeth. When the Zoom™ lamp is turned on, the whitening process, which can take less than an hour, begins.

Your teeth are safely whitened without causing any harm to them, resulting in an instantly whiter smile up to ten shades lighter.

Zoom whitening treatment is safe, legal and effective.

*images courtesy of Philips Zoom Whitening

"Top up" your Zoom whitened smile at home

Zoom® Take-Home Zoom, the globally recognised brand for premium in-chair whitening, is available as a convenient take-home kit.

You can now "top up" and maintain your whitened smile at home. After your teeth whitening in the surgery, you can keep them brighter and whiter at home with occasional application of daywhite or nitewhite by Zoom.

These at home whitening top up kits help you maintain your teeth colour after Zoom whitening.

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Other offers

Bridal package

Includes a free whitening consultation and discounts of up to 30%

Group discount available on whitening

Group discounts are also available on whitening.

If you have a group of friends, work colleagues or family members who all want to have their smile improved by teeth whitening, call me and ask about group discount (minimum 2 people)